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November 9, 2012

Community Disc Golf Tournament

The Rotary Club of Shippensburg congratulates the winners of the Fall 2014 Shippensburg Community Disc Golf Tournament held Sunday, October 26.

Two teams tied for first place, splitting the $100 first place prize, sponsored by Dugan Funeral Home and Crematory, and the $50 second place prize, sponsored by Modern Artisan Consulting.

Father and son team Greg and Brad Lescalleet, who took first prize a year ago and again last April, shared this event's prizes with rival team Glen Miller and Chris Gwillim. Both teams scored a 54 on two rounds of the 9-hole Papa Jack's Disc Golf Course, in Shippensburg Township Park. The first round was played "best toss," where the play advances from the best position after both teammates throw. The second round was played "alternate toss" where teammates take alternate turns throwing throughout the course.

The accuracy contest was won by Brett Boyd, and the distance contest was won by Brad Lescalleet, who threw for a new tournament record. Shippensburg Pizza Hut provided a prize of a large pizza and 2-liter soda for the winners of both of these contests.

The Shippensburg Rotary Community Disc Golf Tournament is held semi-annually in April and October, and is open to players of all skill levels.

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